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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the process of getting a custom dress?
    In general, we recommend you to take a first consultation appointment with us at least 6 to 8 months in advance. The time required to complete a custom dress can vary based on the complexity of the design and amount of handwork as well as how long it will take us to source your fabrics (If your lace is custom made it can take a few months just to make the lace since it is beaded by hand).
  • Now many fittings are required?
    We ask you to come for a minimum of 3 fittings if you get a custom dress made: - Fitting for the base of the dress - Fitting for the dress in a more complete form (base parts put together and covered with some lace if any) - Fitting for cutting the length of the dress to your shoes and finishing details More fittings may be required depending on the situation.
  • What is the price range?
    For custom wedding dresses the prices start at 4000$. We work with your budget to determine the choice of fabrics and amount of handwork that will achieve the look you desire within your budget as much as possible. If you wish to buy one of the dresses from one of our collections off the rack, the prices start from 3000$. For evening dresses the prices start at 2500$. If you want to inquire about any specific custom accessories like a veil or an overskirt, please contact us for more details.
  • How many people can accompany me at the fitting?
    We have enough seating space for 6 people including the bride. As long as Covid-19 restrictions are in place we limit the number of clients in the store to 3 including the bride. All clients must bring their own masks and wear them during the visit.
  • Alterations
    Whenever you get a custom-made dress at Lilia Haute Couture, no alterations are required since we make the dress your size. If you buy a sample sale dress from our collection, we will determine whether alterations are necessary and we will give you a quote for the alterations. If you bought a wedding or an evening dress elsewhere and would like us to alter it for you, we take in alterations on a case by case basis, subject to availability.
  • Sample sale
    You can buy any of our wedding dresses from any collection off the rack at a sample sale price. All our collection dresses are made from the same luxurious fabrics that our custom dresses are. You can also customize any of our collection dresses to your liking for additional charges.
  • Payment methods
    We accept Interact e-transfers as well as cheques. When signing a contract for a custom made-dress or a sample sale dress, we will ask you to make a deposit and determine a payment schedule for the remaining sum.
  • Return policy
    Because of the individual nature of our services, we do not offer any returns or exchanges. We do not reimburse any amount paid out in the case you want to cancel your order for whichever reason.
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